無國界醫生 2016 年 4 月於台北設立辦事處,至 2019 年正式成立財團法人無國界醫生基金會,主要目的為透過舉辦各種活動及媒體聯繫,加深民眾對組織及其人道救援工作的認識,同時希望引起更多人對世界各地人道危機的關注。此外,基金會也協助招募救援人員,鼓勵醫療及非醫療專業人員加入,與我們在前線的團隊一起工作。為了把國際醫療人道議題帶到大眾面前,無國界醫生在台灣舉辦了不同類型的活動,包括 2015 年 6 月的《醫靠無界》無國界醫生之旅攝影展、2016 年 4 月的《穿梭救援間》救援場景體驗展、2018 年開始舉辦的群眾地圖繪製活動「地圖松」(mapathon),以及 2017 至 2019 年的三場電影節等。

MSF sets up an office in Taipei in April 2016, and becomes a Foundation in 2019. Through various activities and liaison with media, the office aims at deepening the general public's understanding of MSF and its humanitarian work, as well as highlighting the humanitarian crises worldwide. The office also helps recruit field workers, encouraging both medical and non-medical professionals to join the MSF teams. To enhance public awareness on international medical humanitarian issues, we have held various events in Taiwan, including photo exhibition "MSF Journey: From Beginning to Now" in June 2015, thematic exhibition "Emergency Assignment" in April 2016, crowd-mapping event "mapathons" which started from 2018, and three Film Festivals from 2017 to 2019.